Pay with for CsCart



The best way for merchants to accept crypto and be paid in fiat or crypto. Pay Checkout is a payment gateway plugin for Cs-cart. 

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Become a Pay merchant by signing up here. for CsCart – Pay with Crypto(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, CRO, Litecoin)


– Accept cryptocurrency payments (including Coin, Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and more) from App users and other wallets’ users
– Get settled in fiat currency via bank transfer or various cryptocurrencies
– Price your goods in your local fiat currency
– Allow your customers to receive cashback (in the form of Pay Rewards)


1. At checkout customer chooses Pay as checkout method.
3. The customer sees a new page with a QR code. The QR code is embedded with the payment information and has to be scanned using the App within 5 minutes.
4. The customer chooses his or her preferred cryptocurrency to fulfil this payment. If the customer chooses Chain Token (CRO), she is entitled to receive some sort of cashback incentives.
5. Once the transaction is approved by Pay, the customer will see a confirmation screen on App, and the fiat equivalent amount will be deposited to the merchant’s balance, as seen in the Merchant Dashboard.

Please refer to our Merchant FAQ and API Documentation for overview and guides.